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Sounds in the Park

Blissful Gong bath in Nature

Immersing yourself in the sounds of gentle percussion entwined with the grounding, soothing tones of Gongs in a therapeutic sound experience for relaxation and well being.  


No previous experience is needed for this expert-led session, making it the perfect opportunity to try a new way of reaching deep meditation and relaxation. 


If you are feeling stressed, burnout and overwhelmed. Maybe you are not sleeping well and not concentrating. Why not come and join us in nature for a blissful 75 minutes recharging your batteries and finding that space to relax. 

Before your session, why not take a tranquil walk through the park and gardens to extend your feeling of vitality and wellbeing? 


Pre booking essential due to limited places. 


To get the most from your experience, we recommend you bring a pillow, a couple of blankets, an eye covering and a bottle of water. A yoga mat or something to lay upon so that you are comfortable. Due to the location of this event I am sadly not able to provide any equipment.


The sessions are not normally suitable for people with seizures, epilepsy, heart conditions or early stages of pregnancy. If you have any queries or special requirements, please email Jess at before booking the session.


I hope to see you soon

Girl drumming in a field

Upcoming dates are May 16th - 6pm

June 2nd at 2pm and Summer Solstice 23rd at 4pm

July 7th at 2pm and the 25th at 6pm

August 1st at 6pm and the 18th at 2pm 

September 5th at 6pm and the 8th at 2pm

Your Path to healing 

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