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Summer Solstice Retreat

Day Retreat June 22nd 10am - 4pm

Summer Solstice welcomes the fiery energy of the sun to propel us forward. This very physical changing of the seasons is a powerful time to manifest spiritual transformations.


In pagan times it was believed that the sun's energy could cleanse negative energies and bring spiritual rejuvenation to individuals and communities. In Nordic traditions, Midsummer celebrations hold great significance, often associated with the summer solstice.

This day retreat is the perfect way to mark this change of seasons and cleanse any negative energy away to make space for beautiful new beginings.

Starting with a relaxing and soothing yin yoga practice, meditation,  journalling, delicious food, Cacao heart opening ceremony followed by a heavenly Full Moon Yoga Nidra sound journey.

This blissful day is being held at Robert Craven Memorial Hall, Bramhope, Leeds.

I’m a qualified Sound Therapist, Reiki Master and a registered Nurse of 11 years bringing my healing to special people & places.

I am so excited to share this weekend with you ♡

Love & light

Jess @ Luna Therapies.

The day will include:

10am Welcome drinks & Goodie bags

10:30am Yin Yoga & Meditation

12:00 Journalling

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Solstice Cacao Ceremony

14:00 Break, snacks, drink, movement

14:30 Solstice Nidra Sound Journey

16:00 Close

Booking essential due to limited places.

Your Path to healing 

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